How Can You Tell If Santa is Real?

I know there are many imposters around the world. Frankly, I really don’t
mind. Even Santa needs helpers. However, I do think they should at
least grow a real beard! I mean children are not fools, and every child
knows that if Santa can live in the North Pole and visit every single
home around the world in one night with the help of his team,
he would definitely have a real beard!

So, aside from the fact that I have a real beard, how can you be sure
that I am the real deal Santa? Well, you can’t really. You just have
to have a little faith and trust me, as millions of children around
the world have for centuries – never doubting that I would read their
letters and make their Christmas dreams come true.

It might also help to know that I have real likes and dislikes. For instance, I really Love Husky dogs! You might find this strange, but think about it – Huskies love cold climates, not unlike my home, and they are good at pulling sleighs. I really care about domestic animals and
that’s why I sometimes visit animal shelters and rescue organisations
to help them raise funds – especially my Huskies. (I love it when rescue organisations and registered NPO's get me to visit them for their fundraising events.)

I also like most of the treats moms and children leave for me when I
visit! Especially chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk. While not
all rate with Aunt Mildred’s delectable fruit cake, I bear no
prejudice to snacks that are left for me with love.

I also like letters – that’s why I have a contact form on my website –
now you can send me an e-mail! I’m even getting the hang of Facebook
now because I realise that moms and dads find it easier to reach me
that way. OH wait, did I mention I'm running a special surprise for
2018. Out of all the letters I receive before 24th December, I will be
selecting 5 Lucky children who will each get a phone call from me on
Christmas morning as well as a R100 in their stocking to buy
themselves something nice...

Of course, blessing boys and girls at Christmas time is my most
favourite thing, and makes overcoming my least favourite thing (narrow
chimneys!) totally worth the pain! Sometimes, I get to meet boys and
girls at private functions with their moms and dads, and I think
that’s very special – because boys and girls will one day be moms and
dads, and then they’ll know all about me, and they can share me with
their children.

Retirement? Well, maybe one day, but for now, I live to enjoy the
magic of Christmas. Christmas has different meanings for different
people and I would encourage all to celebrate the reason for the
season with their loved ones be it friends or family. Christmas is a
time to come together as families in celebration. As much as we all
love the lights and the songs and the gifts and the food we share
between us, let us remember where we came from.

If you would like to invite me to a special function, please contact me.